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Prayer Portrait

The journey that you and/or your loved ones go through are defined by memories, experiences and hopes that are personal and unique. We realise how special that is, hence we created a one-of-a-kind service called a Prayer Portrait, to help you translate these moments into a beautiful, handcrafted bespoke painting as an exclusive gift for you, or for the person you care about.

Guided by Matthew 6:33: "Seek first His kingdom", we aim to always seek the Lord for visual inspiration and revelations to convey His word, and supported by research, through Prayer Portrait.

We share some stories below which touched not just our customers' hearts, but also brought tears to our eyes ever so often through the process of creating. If you have someone to bless, or need some encouragement and support yourself, feel free to have a chat with us.



The Japanese art of restoring broken pottery called kintsugi intrigues me. During the process of repair, the cracks are glued together and highlighted with gold, and displayed as a piece of art.

We are all broken in some ways. When Mary offered perfume to Jesus, she broke the alabaster jar to represent full surrender. Likewise, we can fully surrender our brokenness (the cracks) to Jesus (the gold = sovereignty and goodness of God) and He will make us whole again (the glue). And we need not hide our cracks, but instead boast about it to reveal His glory shown through our sufferings.



When a customer came to me for an artwork to encourage a friend who had a miscarriage, I was stumped.

The Lord gave me the vision of a beautiful butterfly, which has a short lifespan. Further research brought up the Monarch butterfly whose lifespan is one of the longest - up to 9 months!

The revelation I received was that although the pregnancy was short, but it was beautiful while it lasted, and we pray that in her next pregnancy, it will sustain all the way through the whole 9 months!


When I knew that the recipient of this art was going through a difficult time, the Lord showed me a picture of her walking through parted waters, and the waters were parted way beyond the horizon. I felt the message to her was to rest and just walk ahead - the Lord has not only paved the way, but He has already gone ahead and parted the seas way way ahead, just for her.

The exact same vision was received by a friend of hers, and the day I finally shared this picture on social media after a long delay, was the day that she was to receive the medical report.

That really affirmed my vision, and showed me how much God loves us!

*Name on artwork has been concealed to protect the identity of the recipient.


As I prayed to the Lord to reveal a word or picture to me after receiving the brief, the song "Still" by Hillsong came to my mind, and I told the customer that I felt prompted to paint the verse "Be still and know that I am God." I envisioned the crashing waves of the ocean tumbling and rolling around, yet at the centre of it all, a peaceful and calm scene of a sunset.

It reminded me that when we keep our eyes on Jesus, we can have peace amidst the storm. Although we can surrounded by crashing waves on all sides, our inner sanctuary will not be destroyed as we are sustained by the peace of God.

Who knew, this turned out to be the recipient's favourite verse! The Lord truly knows and He truly cares :)


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